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Did you know that a bird’s habitat is often a signature of their identity?


We perceive birds as mobile, they can fly and travel as they please and they are seemingly everywhere,

but do we ever take the time to think about where they live?

Each bird has a home, a habitat that has everything they need to survive, a specific composition and structure to which a species is well-adapted.


In current times, deforestation, urbanisation and climate change are modifying the places they call home.

In Australia, numerous species that have not yet become rare enough to be listed as endangered, described as common or of least concern,

are having their habitat chipped away at equally alarming rates as Australia's endangered species.

These species have not only intrinsic ecological value, but also have the right to exist.

Common species are also the ones that we most associate with and because they are more abundant and familiar,

they provide important opportunities for people to connect with nature.

In this exhibition we explored and celebrated Australia's iconic, vulnerable and endangered birds and their homes.

$3979 was raised for BirdLife Australia

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